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Meet our members

Today, Mobilaris Innovation Center stands host for some of the north’s most innovative companies. Here, you can get to know everybody a little bit better, but we would be even happier if you swung by the office!

Epiroc’s vision is that digitalization, electrification, and automation forms the mine of the future. We develop innovative and safe equipment such as drilling rigs, construction equipment, and digital underground applications with ground-breaking technology. The establishment of our nordic technology and innovation center is part of our commitment to drive technology development even closer to our customers.

3D monitoring is needed for 3D problems. Reliable data representing the reality is a key factor when transforming industries to become safer, smarter, and more sustainable. Flasheye takes proven lidar technology from the automotive-, defense-, and robotics industries into industrial applications, ensuring early detection of deviations and prevention of accidents before serious damage occurs. 

Go Business is the fully digital incubator for creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the north of Sweden. We help entrepreneurs realize their business dreams and make it possible to turn their ideas and passions into a living. As an entrepreneur you’ll get inspiration, knowledge, guidance, individual coaching and become a part of a community of innovators who support and motivate one another.

Luleå Näringsliv is a member-owned cooperative that realizes companies’ ideas and needs for growth. Our focus is on networking, creating meeting places, business council activities, and other initiatives from our community. Today, our network consists of more than 250 companies, and we have twelve business areas represented at our council. We also work in close collaboration with Luleå Municipality and Luleå University of Technology.

Mobilaris Evolve’s mission is to accelerate the smart, green industrial evolution. We operate as active investors to identify areas where new solutions are needed, and rapid growth is key towards a global industrial standard. Our history has imbued us with a unique viewpoint of growth and we truly understand the challenges of scaling, and how to advise entrepreneurs on how to overcome them.

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of Mobilaris. The company’s solutions enable a safer and more efficient workplace in heavy industry. Through their system, real-time information is provided for the whole industrial site – including people, vehicles, machines, equipment and work areas – preventing accidents and enabling accurate decision making. All day, every day.

Norrbottens Kommuner is an interest organization that represents Sweden’s 14 northern municipalities. The organization’s focus is an expanded municipal cooperation and a sustainable community building. Through collaboration, we create competitive arenas to grow dialogues and knowledge development. We give Norrbotten’s municipalities a united and clear voice, both at home and abroad.

OnePartnerGroup is a Swedish-owned recruitment group with a unique, holistic business concept. We are a reliable partner that assists you with recruitment, staffing, training and intelligent production solutions, enabling long-term growth and profitability. Our presence in over 50 cities, and our 2500 employees, give us Sweden’s most locally connected network.

Xolaris Civil Security delivers strategic insights to public safety and national security authorities by structuring and analyzing massive dataflows, movements, and positions based on real-time analytics of mobile networks. Our solutions are proven under extreme pressure and help authorities solve crimes, prevent terror, and provide alerts, information, and guidance to bring people to safety during disasters.

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