Events and conferences

We arrange monthly events for our members and host public seminars. If you are looking for the right place to hold your next conference, product launch or workshop — well — you have come to the right place.

Give your audience a
memorable experience

The plan is to host as many events as we possibly can fit in our schedule. Your company’s board meeting? Absolutely! A wine tasting course? Sure, why not! There is no limits.

In the building, you will find a 43 sqm. conference room, a spacious demo room with capacity for at least 20 guests, and social areas for mingling and get-togethers.

Our experts always make sure that you get the best experience possible.

Plan your next event here

Got something on your mind? Express it here! Mobilaris Innovation Center is the ideal place to host events of any kind. All you need is a great idea — we’ll cover the rest. Stage, mics, screens, speakers, live stream opportunities and delicious food.
You’ve got it!

Public seminars and exclusive events

We usually host three different types of events. Public events for everyone to enjoy, such as open seminars and lectures. Exclusive events for our members, such as workshops or festivities. And private events for companies, groups and organizations.

Book a conference

We have conference rooms that can fit between 5-20 people. They are all equipped with TV screens, HDMI, sound systems and web cameras if you want to do a digital meeting. Send in a request and our experts will help you!

Book the demo room

Our demo room is located at the top floor, right next to our social space area. Here, you can show off your latest work to family, friends and co-workers – just for a day or two, or even a longer installation! Our team will help you setup and host your demonstration. Contact us for more information!

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Contact us to arrange your booking

We are glad that your are interested in our services! If you want to book a room at Mobilaris Innovation Center, please contact us to register your interest.

Experience Mobilaris Innovation Center

Welcome to Mobilaris Innovation Center, where we know that we can accomplish anything if we just pool our strengths and skills together, and we have built just the place for it. Check out our calendar for public events or contact us for more information!

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