We make room

for the future

Mobilaris Innovation Center is a unique place for innovation and growth. It is the most sustainable office building in the north of Sweden, and the workplace community for clear-minded companies ready to make an impact on the world.

Welcome to mobilaris innovation center

We are a community where business, academia and creative people can flourish together. We offer our in-house members modern office space, events and seminars, and the chance to be a part of the most sustainable workplace community in northern Sweden.

It’s just business.

Well, almost.

At Mobilaris Innovation Center, we house some of the most exciting companies in our region. We all love to do, start, develop, grow and accelerate business. But we also love a good time. We offer our members all the benefits that a top modern workplace community should have. From events and seminars, to health sessions and fun afterworks.

The building

= 100% sustainable

Mobilaris Innovation Center meets high sustainability requirements and is unique in its kind in northern Sweden. It is built with 100% sustainable materials and runs on solar power. We want to improve our businesses in the same spirit, and do our part for a better future. So we encourage you, all of our members, partners and visitors to work smart. Climate smart.

Meet our members

What we offer our members

Smart office space

We have modern and flexible workspaces and rooms for meetings, presentations, events and conferences.

Health sessions

Members can join a variety of health activities, and use sports and adventure equipment like kayaks or skates.

Concierge Service

Need a hand? We help our members with their day-to-day operations, booking meetings and arranging events.

The terrace

Grab a coffee and enjoy it with a view from our terrace. From here, you can spot almost every corner of Luleå city!

Discover our public events

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Plan your next event HERE

Got something on your mind? Express it here! Mobilaris Innovation Center is the ideal place to host events of any kind. All you need is a great idea — we’ll cover the rest. Stage, mics, screens, speakers, live stream opportunities and delicious food. You’ve got it!

Experience Mobilaris Innovation Center

Welcome to Mobilaris Innovation Center, where we know that we can accomplish anything if we just pool our strengths and skills together, and we have built just the place for it. Check out our public events or contact us for more information!

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